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HUMBLE, represents one of the most valuable lessons our kids learned. To be graceful and polite in all circumstances. To be successful in any competition once must work hard, study, practice and apply themselves. On show day the fruits of that work show up with placings, buckles and banners. In order for some to succeed then others will be disappointed and not do as well, being humble is recognizing that all work hard, all practice, all study, and all are going to apply themselves to the best of their ability. The judge is objective and picks what he sees fits best with what he is looking for. When you are successful, being humble is not bragging, or being boastful, but recognizing all in the field that day and thanking them for bringing their best that day, today one is successful and tomorrow it may be someone else, regardless the true showman, treats all with humility and respect that is due to them for their efforts.