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Our Family Journey

Our Journey Started with a twist, Our boys, Mason, Morgan and Miller all joined a summer swim league, they met and became quickly engaged with a coach that made an impact on their lives. They found a love for swimming and continued to do so through school and when high school came they had the chance to swim with the same coach in high school. The catch was that we were not in the right boundary lines for O’Connor High School and our oldest Mason researched and found that O’Connor was a magnet school for AG. He came home and let us know if he showed a goat he could swim with his coach. Little did we know that “ Jack” that goat was going to change our lives. Flash forward and all 3 of our boys showed goats, and our youngest daughter Maggie started when the boys were showing, taggin along and helping and waiting for her turn to show. What we discovered along that way was our “family”, we spent so much time together working on the same things, sharing the same values, and experiences that we became closer and our kids showed great signs of discipline, leadership, and sound judgement. We have gained so much from this experience that we started sharing with families every chance we got. I remember well the first Bexar County Show we went to, drive up in our Excursion, with a goat running around loose in the back, we had a bucket and some feed and were ready to go. Thank the lord for our county agent and other families that took us under their wing and helped us. We have been paying that forward since. As each of them grew into it Maggie showed the greatest interest and it expanded into Steer, and Lambs, trucks, trailers, and a herd. thousands of miles and years later we have the greatest memories of time with our kids. We were blessed for Maggie to be a recipient of a San Antonio Scholarship and an Education at Angelo State University. As she stopped showing we found ourselves with a herd, and a new direction, to share. Our mission is to serve, share the blessings, and watch others kids grow into the future of this great nation. So there ya have it, from swimmin’ to showin’, cant wait to see what the future holds, we hope you can be a part of it.